IEEE WCCI 2024 Workshop: Computational Intelligence in Human Informatics

WCCI 2024にてワークショップやりました。


FUZZ-IEEE Workshops
Workshop: Computational Intelligence in Human Informatics
Organizer(s): Javier Andreu-Perez; Satoru Hiwa; Tomoyuki Hiroyasu
Date: June 30, 2024 / July 3, 2024
Time: 8:30-12:40 / 14:20 – 18:00

Abstract: This workshop is a multi-conference event focused on Human Informatics. It is
designed for researchers engaged in exploring and modelling human data through
computational intelligence. This includes data gathered from real-world observations or
experimental situations, with the aim of enhancing human-machine interfaces and deepening
our understanding of human behaviours or biological processes. It further included
computational theories aimed at improving the harmonious integration of AI and intelligent
machines with humans. The goal is to enable these technologies to be effectively utilized by
humans, to work collaboratively and in tandem with them, and to promote a deeper
comprehension and collaboration between artificial intelligence and their human operators. The
event will feature presentations by global experts and panel discussions. These sessions will
delve into the newest advancements in computational intelligence within this research area.
Additionally, there will be a focus on discussing the current challenges and trends in the field.
Existing research can also be brought in for discussion with the community. This platform aims
to foster a comprehensive exchange of ideas and insights among senior and early-career
scientists in this intense field of research.